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Total Affiliates: 125
Active Affiliates: 70
Total Payouts: $10,194.06
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Total Affiliates 125
Active Affiliates 70
Total Payouts 2,198.62
Mails in queue 0
Ads in rotation 151
Paid-To-Clicks 184
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KeywordTotal Members
Computers & Internet113
Go Fund Me Emails42
Home & Garden107
I am a member of CastleMails31
I am a member of Hot-Rods-Ptr33
I am a member of PolarbearClicks36
I am a member of ShowCasePTR36
I am a Program Helper9
I am From Tier 1&2 Countries80
I have Read & Agree to the Terms124
I Own a PTR Program13
I use cheat software3
Movie & Music112
No Random Payout18
Personal Finance93
Site Support Emails93
Sport & Game95
Survey Programs70